The story begins with a walk into the vineyards of Alsace.

An idea emerged from Gérard Carly's mind: combine the beauty of nature with chromotherapy. That's how the artist set out to search for tools and technologies capable of materializing his idea. "LUMIVIGNE" was born.

But still, it remained to work on a whole technique. He continued his quest for creativity by using glass, metal, gold leaf or even patina.

Gérard invites to escape, anyone who contemplates a "Lumivigne" discovers known shapes: a mother holding her child in her arms, a hand, an animal... A bit like a gaze to the clouds, we are surprised to find among them the head of a wolf, a heart, a dragon...

The idea of putting light into the heart of a vine stock is...luminous! By day, it's an unique piece of art ; By evening, it's a whole other thing. The effects of shadows and lights, the chosen colors immerse you in an, until now, unknown atmosphere: your room transforms itself to a piece of art! An artistic dimension that provides you a certain emotion, a sensation of well-being.

Gérard, a certified craftsman, participates in International Contemporary Art Fairs, where he was notably awarded a "Public Prize". He also exhibits in galleries.

"Because the Light of Days begets your Fruits

I bring you the Light in the Heart of your Nights »

"Nature and the Winegrower are sculptor of your exterior, I am a sculptor of your interior."